Firecreek Readings

As you might’ve learned in Stacy Murison’s handy guide to our conference home, Flagstaff, Firecreek Coffee Company is where it’s at for coffee in Flagstaff. Not only are they super-accommodating, with great seating, space, and access to all the technological doo-dads you might need, but they’re also the venue for a number of our NonfictioNOW readings.

On the Thursday and Friday nights of the conference, we’re inviting you along to get to know some of our favourite publications a bit better. Check out their websites (follow the links below), then come along and connect with some great writers and readers for some wonderful storytelling.

Iowa 30

Thursday 29th October, 9pm.

Iowa 30 Years Anthology reading, hosted by Robin Hemley and Hope Edelman.

Celebrating thirty years of essays from the University of Iowa Nonfiction Writing Program, I’ll Tell You Mine will make an appearance at NonfictioNOW with readings from Elena Passarello, Michele Morano, John Price, Bonnie Rough, and Inara Verzemnieks.


Friday 30th October, 5.30pm.

The Normal School reading, hosted by Steven Church.

The Normal School describes itself as “the lit mag equivalent of the kid who always has bottle caps, cat’s eye marbles, dead animal skulls, little blue men and other treasures in his pockets”. Their Firecreek reading will feature JJ Anselmi, Carole Firstman, Liz Scheid, and Sarah Fawn Montgomery.


Friday 30th October, 9pm.

Hotel Amerika reading, hosted by David Lazar.

Hotel Amerika celebrates exceptional writing “with a quirky, unconventional edge” from both well-known and emerging writers. Their Firecreek event will feature readings by Danielle Deulen, Aaron Gilbreath, Angela Pelster-Wiebe and Joseph Harrington.

We can’t wait to see you at our Firecreek readings events! 

Firecreek Readings

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